2020 Summer soonsam - Page 20

Covid-19 family. I didn’t know how to understand this and didn’t know what to do, so I just cried. I’m the only believer in my family and the death of my grandmother has sparked the urgency for the gospel to be proclaimed in my family. I will start doing that when it is safe to meet in person again and will continue to do so. Second, it made me reflect on the connection between people. As the regulations given by local state and federal guidelines make us change the way we live, we have also adapted to an online way of connecting with one another. I’m thankful that we can connect through technology, but it is not the same as meeting in person. Even though we can hear and even see each other through technology, it is not the same as hearing and seeing each other in person. We were not meant to live our lives interacting with each other through internet. We were meant to be together. My wife and I have started our relationship long-distance. I was in Maryland and she was in Mexico. It was not ideal, but we made it work. We are continuing our relationship long-distance but this time I am in North Carolina and she is in South Korea. We’re thankful that we can still talk over the internet, but it is not the same. Whenever we meet each other in person while being separated, we are happy to see each other in person. I pray that just like how my wife and I long to see each other, that we can long to see each other, and the church can long to see our Lord Jesus Christ more clearly and humbly. we know how Jesus commanded the storm to stop and the storm obeyed. It is a powerful story that points us to Jesus’ authority over creation. But what caught my eye was how Jesus was sleeping during this storm. It makes me wonder how Jesus could be sleeping during a time like that, but it reminded me that Jesus knew that there would be a storm and it was not the slightest concern to him. As the disciples were panicking and pleading for Jesus to save them, Jesus calmly wakes from his sleep and simply commands the storm to stop. Like a parent rebuking a child, the storm listens to Jesus immediately. Jesus’ words to his disciples is something that I think we need to hear as well, “Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?” Jesus never promised us that our lives will be without “storms” and while he never promised that, he promised that he will be with us in the storm. He will never leave us in the midst of trouble, and he shall help us to remain steadfast. Father, I pray that we wait on your purposes and will over our lives during this time. Perhaps, it is during this time, where we can stop and reflect and pray more. Perhaps, it is during this time where we stop relying on ourselves and to depend on you. Forgive us, Father, as we’ve thought that we could live without you. We need you! May we be wise and discerning but let us not lose our love for You and for others. May we be on our knees and witness your sovereignty. Lastly, it made me reflect on the Scripture passage where Jesus and some of his disciples are on the Sea of Galilee during a storm. I don’t think I need to go over the story as 이수현전도사 Southeastern Seminary 에재학중이며 , 우리교회 Youth 사역을담당하고있습니다 . 20 순례자의샘터 www.soonsam.org