2020 Summer soonsam - Page 19

마지막으로 , 예수께서몇몇제자들과함께갈릴리바다의폭풍가운데있던성경말씀을떠올리게되었습니다 . 예수께서어떻게그폭풍을멈추고진정시켰는지우리가알고있는그이야기를여기서다시설명할필요는없을것같습니다 . 창조에대한예수님의권위를보여주는아주명확한이야기입니다 . 그러나제눈을사로잡은것은 , 그폭풍속에서도어떻게예수님이주무실수있었던가하는부분입니다 . 그런상황속에서어떻게잠을청할수있었는지의아했지만 , 예수님은이미폭풍이있을것도 , 그리고그것이전혀문제가되지않는다는것도알고계셨음을떠올리게되었습니다 . 제자들이두려움에떨며살려달라고간청할때 , 예수님은침착하게잠에서깨셔서단지폭풍이멈추기를명하셨습니다 . 마치부모님이아이를꾸짖을때처럼폭풍은예수님의명령에즉시진정되었습니다 . 제자들을향하여 “ 어찌하여이렇게두려워하느냐 ? 너희가어찌믿음이없느냐 ?” 하시던예수님의말씀이바로우리가들어야할말씀이라고생각합니다 . 예수님은결코우리에게폭풍이없는삶을약속하진않으셨지만 , 대신에폭풍가운데서도우리와함께하실거라고약속하셨습니다 . 우리를고난가운데내버려두지않으시고 , 강건해질수있도록도와주신다하셨습니다 . 아버지 , 이기간동안우리의삶에대한주님의목적과뜻을기다릴수있게해주세요 . 아마도이시간은우리가일상을멈추고더생각하며기도하는 , 우리자신을의지하는것을멈추고주님을의지하는시간일것입니다 . 주님 , 주님없이도살아갈수있다고생각했던저희를용서하여주시옵소서 . 우리는주님이필요합니다 . 지혜롭고분별력있는우리가되도록 , 그러나주님과다른사람들에대한사랑을잃지않도록도와주시옵소서 . 우리의무릎을꿇고주님의권능을보게해주시옵소서 . Like many, when I first heard about the Corona Virus, now known as Covid-19, I didn’t think too much of it and thought that it would be something that would eventually go away. Like many, I was wrong. As the world is trying to fight and recover from this pandemic, there has been endless amount of news and updates from the media and from the local and federal governments. At first, it was to be more informed to take precautionary measures but then it began to spiral into yearnings to know, not more about the virus, but how to survive. As a Christian, this virus has made me reflect on a few things. First, it made me reflect on the mindset of mankind and the fear of death. In today’s world, success is associated with busyness, productivity, and recognition. As Christians, we are to be different from the world, but it seems that these days, one cannot see the difference between a Christian and a non-believer. We see many Christians traveling, eating, enjoying and pursuing the pleasures of life (which is not a bad thing in themselves but becomes one if it is the center of one’s life). We see churches that equate holiness with busyness and productivity. Where is the mindset of making disciples? Where did we come up with the idea that being busy and producing meant that God is always pleased with it? I don’t think that we should just completely stop everything and just sit around but perhaps, God is using this virus providentially to remind us to be still and know that He is God and to change our heart attitude on what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. In a fallen world, death is certain. It is something that we don’t want to hear and talk about because we can’t imagine going through something that is so horrible. It is horrible. Like many of us, we’ve seen and heard of death almost daily on the news but like many of us, if it isn’t our family, friends or someone we know, it doesn’t impact us much. On March 28th, 2020 my grandmother passed away from old age. I wanted to go see her before she passed but because of this invisible virus, I didn’t want to risk it for the sake of my www.fkbc.org 랄리제일한인침례교회 19