2020 Newcomer Guide + Business Directory - Page 4

GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS WHY LEAGUE CITY? U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, THE HONORABLE RANDY WEBER “My beautiful bride and I love living here and representing this great district. I met her almost 46 years ago when she lived in League City. We have watched this whole area grow. League City, being in Northern Galveston County, is part of the ‘Gateway to the Gulf’ and one of the best places to live! It is an honor to serve you.” STATE SENATOR, THE HONORABLE LARRY TAYLOR, DISTRICT 11 “League City is a microcosm of the Texas miracle, and I am blessed to represent it in the state legislature. It is a place where the Texan character is on full display providing its residents with vibrant industry, excellent education for their children, and a friendly place to call home. The people truly are what set League City apart, giving it a warm, small-town feel in the heart of a major economic hub of the country. The close-knit and diverse community creates a culture of empowerment where people are free to succeed, and these are principles that continue to guide me as the state senator representing League City.” STATE REPRESENTATIVE, THE HONORABLE DR. GREG BONNEN, DISTRICT 24 “The Upper Gulf Coast, and the Bay Area in particular, is a dynamic and growing community of cities that provide a great atmosphere to live, work, and raise a family. League City’s diverse and expanding economy provides visitors and residents alike with a glimpse at the state-of-the-art industries of tomorrow while maintaining a small town feel that makes it an easy place to call home. The city and its people make it a truly unique place, and one I am proud to be a part of.” 4 | 2020 League City Regional Chamber of Commerce