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LIVE DESIRABLE HOUSING Gorgeous waterfront homes, family-friendly master planned communities, golf-course living, and retirement and apartment housing—League City has something for everyone. Explosive Growth League City’s ideal location and excellent amenities have people from across the country clamoring to become part of our welcoming waterfront community. In the last decade, the population has grown by more than 20,000 residents—with no signs of slowing. It’s estimated League City’s population will double in the next 15 to 20 years, and with that growth comes the need for more housing. The good news is, there’s room! League City’s land is only about half developed, leaving close to 45% of undeveloped land open for the construction of additional homes and businesses. Many of League City’s subdivisions are outfitted with their own parks, playgrounds, and community pools, including pools that are decked out with waterslides and other features that kids and families love. Housing Fast Facts • League City has more than 100 subdivisions, each acting as its own small community • Nearly 1,400 homes were sold between 2016 and 2018, with a median sold price of $276,000 • In 2019 construction began on more than 800 homes, most on the west side of the city 2020 League City Regional Chamber of Commerce | 19