2020 Lakeview East Holiday Gift Guide - Page 18

Signed Novel from a Local Author
Family Stories Box

David Jay Collins

A Lakeview East native , David Jay Collins has developed a name for himself in the literary community with his amazing novels Gaybash and Summerdale , both of which have two very different but equally compelling stories to them .

Signed Novel from a Local Author

Give the gift of Chicago novels ! FREE U . S . Shipping and a bookmark with all signed paperbacks . Fiction novel Gaybash , set in Lakeview , is about a reserved gay man who fights back against two attackers and changes his life . Horror novel Summerdale is about four gay men , four addictions , and one landlord from Hell . The second novel in the trilogy will be released in October 2021 .
https :// davidjaycollins . com / gaybash-paperback /

Long Overdue https :// www . longoverduebooks . com /

Long Overdue helps people with their novels , biographies , memoirs , or anything else . Their services include writing , interviewing , editing , artwork , formatting , and cover design .

Family Stories Box

This year , the holidays look a little different . And while Zoom calls are okay - we want to bring families closer together through the power of story . So we ’ re launching our Long Overdue Family Stories Box . A way to start recording your family ’ s stories .
As a special holiday gift to the Lakeview East community , we ’ ll be offering the first 30-minute interview with yourself or a loved one completely free of charge . Same thing with our initial discovery call . This is a great gift for a parent , grandparent , or a way to honor a loved one who ’ s on your mind this holiday season .
Stories live on forever . We ’ re here to help pass those stories down for future generations .
:// www . longoverduebooks . com / family-stories