2020 Impact Report - Page 10

This certification is non-transferable and maintained by the cold carrier in accordance with the GCCA policies and procedures , including meeting the Certified Cold Carrier recertification requirements .




Chino warehouse becomes LEED Certified


Atlanta warehouse becomes LEED Certified
Aurora warehouse becomes LEED Certified

June 2019

Launched the KeHE Sustainability Team


Chino B warehouse becomes LEED Certified

April 2019

Energy Star Portfolio Manager implemented

August 2019

Signed contract with Spoiler Alert

September 2019

Signed contract with New Market Waste
Retailer food waste action kit

January 2020

Signed contract with Bloom Energy for fuel cell energy to be installed by September 2020

February 2020

Shorepower Stockton

April 2020

5 CNG trucks

March 2020

Cold Carrier Certification
Certified Cold Carrier Certificate of Conformance
The International Refrigerated Transportation Association hereby affirms that
KeHE Enterprises , LLC Naperville , IL
meets the requirements set forth and is hereby A designated Certified Cold Carrier
July 31 , 2022 Valid through Chairman of IRTA GCCA President and CEO
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