2020 Health Care Professionals Guide [Update] 2020 VOL 2 [Update]: September | Page 14

Interventions to Reduce the Burden of Radon-Related Lung Cancer
Ask your patients if they have tested their home for radon . If they have not , inform them about the health risk posed by radon and urge them to test their home for radon .
Add radon testing questions to the routine electronic medical record questionnaire . Team up with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) -funded comprehensive cancer control program in your state . These programs have aligned the priorities , goals and activities of cancer coalitions with practices that reduce radon-inducedlungcancer : https :// www . cdc . gov / cancer / ncccp / ccc _ plans . htm .
Provide information in your offices and clinics that promotes radon testing and mitigation ; information can be obtained from the following sources :
• Iowa Cancer Consortium — www . canceriowa . org / breathingeasier
• Online learning and action network — www . radonleaders . org
• EPA — www . epa . gov / radon
• CDC — www . cdc . gov / radon
• State radon offices — www . epa . gov / radon / find-information-about-local-radon-zones-and-state-contact-information
The USPSTF recommends annual LDCT screening for lung cancer in adults ages 55 to 80 who have a 30-pack-year smoking history and currently smoke or have quit within the past 15 years . For individuals who do not have lung cancer or do not qualify for screening , interviews for LDCT screening eligibility represent teachable moments to discuss efforts to reduce lung cancer risk , such as testing their homes for radon .
Share information about the health risks of protracted radon exposure with other health care providers . For example , encourage your colleagues to participate in the discussion forums at www . radonleaders . org , where they can learn about the experiences of other health care providers regarding radon and find links to the research that provides the scientific foundation for radon risk estimates .
10 RadonLeaders . org