2020 End of Year Newsletter FINAL - Page 2


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Advocates for Life !

As 2020 came to a close , our homes were busy preparing for Christmas and the New Year in different ways , just as we had recalibrated events and daily routines since March . Throughout the last ten months , Council for Life has found ways to pursue our mission , even with the limitations placed within our community due to the pandemic . Summer and Fall , like the Spring , presented challenges and unknown circumstances . In September , we kicked off a series of hybrid events , as well as our monthly Board meetings . Remarkably , we continue to learn how to make “ technology ” our friend and stay connected .
The September Fall Forum , held for agencies desiring to apply for 2021 CFL grants , was totally virtual . Beneficiary Chair Amy Mitchell turned her library into a studio , inviting both our inspiring speakers and life-affirming agency participants into the program virtually to review the application process as well as share best practices . The Beneficiary process is a yearlong series of steps beginning with the Forum , followed by the vetting and selection , and finally with fundraising for our 5K Run and Luncheon resulting in the awarded grants to be distributed . Step 2 , receiving the applications , concluded on December 1 .
Much prayer and conversation go into every program decision , including canceling our premier event “ The Troutt Lecture ” in early Fall . Be assured , The Troutt Lecture will return this Fall , and we can ’ t wait ! Painfully , we determined that the Celebrating Life Luncheon could not safely be held . Using their creative planning skills , Luncheon Chairs Shannon Graham and Lisa Luby Ryan pivoted , hosting a lovely dinner at Marie Gabrielle Restaurant and Gardens on the evening of October 28 .