2020 Education Season ATYP_EDUCATION_2020 - Page 4

Our philosophy is simple — we want young people’s early theatre experiences to have been developed specifically for their age. ATYP, the national youth theatre company, is proud to offer a selection of plays that showcase the extraordinary abilities of young Australians. This is your chance to experience theatre that is tailor–made for school–age audiences. ATYP crafts stories that have the sophistication and complexity that you expect from a flagship theatre company, but in each instance the narrative is driven by one or more young characters. In this way we enable school–age audiences to walk for a moment in the shoes of characters that can be so different from us, yet have so much in common. ATYP invests in new plays so young Australians can connect with a person their age, who lives in their world and speaks a language they understand, dealing with dreams, or fears or feelings they can relate to. In 2020 we are offering schools a collection of stories spanning the transition from child to adult. From a story about young adults facing some impossible choices in the Top End to a group of year six friends trying to figure out what a soul is, this year’s productions will encourage discussion, interaction and participation. ATYP strives to give young Australians access to sophisticated theatre that captures the imaginations of audiences of all ages. At the same time it shows how extraordinary young artists can be. Come and join us for this fantastic season of plays in 2020. Fraser Corfield Artistic Director