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ATYP Education 2020 In 2020 students can focus on one of two scripts: Stages 3–4: Soul Trading By Kate Walder, performing at the SBW Stables Theatre, Darlinghurst from 14–24 October. 16—17 Don’t miss the opportunity for your class to work with award— winning writers developing new plays. ATYP’s Foundation Commission Schools’ Partnerships gives your class exclusive access to a new play as it’s being written. Students read early drafts of selected scenes and provide feedback that will help the playwright shape the finished script. Once the production is open you can come and see the outcome of your participation live on stage then reflect on the entire process in a special post-show workshop. Directly addressing Creative Arts and English KLAs, as well as building students’ critical and creative thinking capabilities, it’s the perfect program to enrich your students’ theatre experience. Stages 5–6: Lights in the Park By Alexander Lee–Rekers, playing at The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith from 5–15 August. → Partner up Find out what’s possible. education@atyp.com.au 02 9270 2400