2020 Colorado Fetal Care Center 2020 | Page 3

Dear colleagues ,
It ’ s been a strange and challenging year , to say the least . The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to reverberate across the entire medical field , and our discipline has not been exempt . We ’ ve felt it in the heightened risk for pregnant mothers we care for and in the closures of many fetal care centers around the country due to restrictions on elective surgeries .
Here , we don ’ t see what we do as elective . The unborn babies we care for need us , and they cannot wait . Fortunately , in part because our Colorado Fetal Care Center is affiliated with one of the nation ’ s leading pediatric institutions , we ’ ve been able to continue this critical work uninterrupted , throughout the duration of the pandemic .
In fact , in spite of everything , we ’ ve seen a strong year , with some of our highest volumes of high-risk deliveries and fetal surgeries to date , along with outcomes that remain among the best in the nation . We believe that ’ s the natural result of putting our patients and their safety first , providing the best possible care in any situation — even the unexpected .
We continue to monitor our outcomes against the quality metrics of other nationally recognized fetal care programs , and we ’ re proud of what we ’ ve achieved : outcomes consistently among the best in the nation . As you ’ ll see in these pages , our commitment to quality hasn ’ t waned during this pandemic .
We ’ ll continue to innovate , long after it ’ s over . All the best ,
Medical Director , Colorado Fetal Care Center