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Fetal and obstetric anesthesia

Our fetal and obstetric anesthesiologists make up an integral part of the care team , meeting with parents and families prior to deliveries and fetal procedures and are available around the clock . Our anesthesiology team develops a plan for each patient based on their specific needs , medical history and type of procedure , making sure mothers and babies are comfortable and safe at all times .
Our fetal and pediatric surgeons can perform many operations in utero or at the time of delivery , including fetoscopic procedures for twin-twin transfusion syndrome , open fetal procedures for myelomeningocele repair , and EXIT procedures , among others . Our care team also assists with labor and delivery , a unique experience for every patient . Our goal is to ensure the most comfortable and stress-free delivery possible for the mother and the best possible outcome for the baby . That ’ s why we coordinate closely with our Neonatal Intensive Care and Cardiac Intensive Care units to care for babies immediately after delivery .
Excellence in obstetric anesthesiology
We are one of just 39 centers worldwide with a Center for Excellence in Obstetric Anesthesiology designation from the Society of Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology , or SOAP .


Trained obstetric and pediatric anesthesiologists
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