2020 August Edition 47 | Page 48

currently in service with a lower cost of ownership. www.AmericanSecurityToday.com 2020 - Edition 47 As terrorists continue to find new ways to threaten global aviation security, the TRACER 1000, with its virtually unlimited and instantly updatable threat library, enables aviation security operators to always to stay ahead of the ever evolving explosive and narcotic threats. With a lower false alarm rate than the outdated IMS-ETDs, and near-100% uptime, the TRACER 1000 ETD is the logical solution for any passenger checkpoint or cargo facility going forward. The TRACER 1000 garnered considerable interest following their recent ECAC certification and has been invited to participate in numerous field trials, all of which have met or exceeded customer expectations, further validating its superiority over obsolete IMS technology. “Overall, we found the system to be very easy to use with 100% uptime,” said Tuomo Kivikari, Vice President/Senior Adviser Risk Manager, Finavia Corporation, operator of Finland’s airport network.“ Tracer 1000 from 1st Detect “We noticed that the cleardown of an alarm is quicker with the 48