2020 'ASTORS' Finalists Edition | Page 46

Over 200 distinguished guests were honored in their respective fields at the

2019 ' ASTORS ' Awards

Presenta- tion at ISC East .

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In the midst of

extensive COVID-19 travel

restrictions across the United States , health and safety concerns due to the pandemic , as well as public un- rest throughout our nation ' s cit- ies as protests continue

, it is un- fortunately not viable to meet in person for the event this year

. deepest gratitude to our

2020 ' ASTORS ' Homeland

Securi- ty Awards Program


Sponors for your continued com- mittment and support .

As a means to help connect the community and to recognize the hard work and achieve- ments of security and public safety professionals and lead- ers this year , the 2020 ' ASTORS

' Homeland Security


Presentation will be made on- line . -

. - sponsors

AST would like to express our

Please know we look forward to seeing you at the 2021 ' ASTORS

' Homeland Security

Presen- tations Luncheon , which will take place in New York


on Wednesday November 17th

, 2021 .