2020 ACA Innovation Showcase - Page 12

2018 Innovation Showcase - Highlight your Favorite Companies The Innovation Showcase provides an opportunity for investing groups, economic development teams and accelerators to present their most promising portfolio companies, who are seeking capital, with unparalleled access to the largest audience of accredited angel investors in the industry. "We have sponsored the innovation Showcase for the past 3- 4 years... When it comes to syndication and making connections, it's a great vehicle to showcase our companies and make things happen." -Nathan McDonald, Keiretsu Capital A key part of the ACA Summit is the “Innovation Showcase” offering investing organizations, accelerators and government agencies the chance to connect their promising portfolio companies to the most active angel investors in the world with pitches to the whole audience, private meetings with investors and recognition for top presenters. The Innovation Showcase is by invitation only. It is not open to the general public and participating startup companies must be nominated in advance by a qualified fund, accelerator, university, government entity, or trade commission. Each presenting company will receive: Full conference registration(s) and ability to network with angels during entire Summit 2-minute pitch to plenary audience Presentation table, plus full company page in event guide and on the event app to best tell their stories 2-4 hours of angel mentoring to help maximize their experience Special sessions with key sponsors specific to entrepreneurs 12