2020 ACA Innovation Showcase | Page 4

Leadership Team Linda Smith, ACA Board Chair Sierra Angels 2018 Summit Co-Chairs Angels are a Powerful Group to Connect With Angel investors are the secret weapon of American startups. While venture capital is more well known to the public, angels have funded about the same total amount of capital as VCs annually over the last decade and nearly 20 times as many companies. In addition, angels invest in a much wider geography, investing money and expertise in companies in literally every state. Christopher Mirabile LaunchPad Venture Group David Verrill Hub Angels ACA Team Key Contributions of Angels to the Economy Prolific: Angel investors support up to 90% of outside equity raised by startups (after friends and family). These companies are too small for bank loans and for most venture capital firms. Marianne Hudson Executive DIrector Sarah Dickey Membership Director Heather Krejci Operations Manager Lucy Howell Director, Partnerships High Impact: Angels invest $25 Billion in about 70,000 early-stage companies every year. Jobs: Over a 25-year period, firms younger than five years accounted for all the net new jobs in the U.S. Economic growth: Research shows that the largest growth comes from high-growth, innovative startups, the kind angels fund. 4