2020 ACA Innovation Showcase | Page 2

Table of Contents 3-4 ACA & ANGEL INVESTING ACA is the largest network of active accredited angels in North America. Here are some facts about our organization and impacts of angel investors on start ups and the economy. 5-6 SUMMIT AT A GLANCE The ACA Summit represents a tremendous opportunity to connect and engage with the angel investors that invest the most in start ups. Connect with ACA and grow! 7-9 SPONSORSHIPS & AGENDA There are several ways to connect with ACA members, depending on your styles and objectives. Let's customize a package for you. Sponsorships are by invitation only. 10-11 SPECIALTY SPONSORSHIPS Sponsoring one of our annual ACA awards or special events provides a great opportunity for any sponsor looking for some unique positioning within ACA. 12-13 INNOVATION SHOWCASE Showcase your favorite companies for funding or promote your economic regions by underwriting them into the 2018 Innovation Showcase. Limited spots! Reserve your spot now!