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Wendy Tietz , CPA , CMA , Ph . D ., professor of accounting , received a number of awards and accolades this academic year . This spring , Tietz received the prestigious American Accounting Association / J . Michael and Mary Anne Cook / Deloitte Foundation Prize . This is the foremost recognition of an individual who consistently demonstrates the attributes of a superior teacher in the discipline of accounting .
Last fall , Tietz was recognized for her innovations in teaching accounting for the fourth consecutive year by the American Institute of CPAs ( AICPA ). She won the prestigious Bea Sanders / AICPA Innovation in Teaching Award in 2014 and 2017 , earned a honorable mention in 2018 , and received the 2019 Bea Sanders / AICPA Teaching Innovation Honorable Mention Award .
The AICPA annually recognizes professors who develop and utilize innovative teaching tools . This year , nine professors , including Tietz , were lauded for their unique and influential curricula .
“ My philosophy of teaching is that pedagogy and the curriculum must be current , flexible and adaptive ,” Tietz said . “ I see my job as helping to build a pipeline to the accounting profession . In addition to teaching the fundamental principles , I also integrate data analytics , emerging technologies and real-life examples into the course to prepare students for the reality of this multi-faceted profession .”
- Wendy Tietz , Ph . D .