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2019 Quarter 4 T own N otes 4475 Betsy Kerrison Drive Kiawah Island, SC 29455 • 843-768-9166 • www.kiawahisland.org Inside Kiawah's Development Development agreements are not unique to Kiawah and are used in master planned communities all over the country. Development rights on Kiawah are established by two separate development agreements between the Town of Kiawah and two entities – Kiawah Partners and Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Often times de- velopment agreements are complicated and hard to digest. There are intricacies in each agreement that regulate land use, zoning standards, and establish basic rights for these entities to develop their property. In this edition of Town Notes, we summarize the existing agree- ments, what they entail and how they have evolved. We hope to help property owners understand the development process, what the parameters are, provide a little history, and describe what the island may look like post build-out. Development Agreement Explained Development agreements are a contractual agreement between a local jurisdiction and a property owner, typically a developer. The agreement guides both entities through development of property over a designated time period. This agreement sets the pattern, standards and conditions governing the development over that agreed upon time period. The purpose and intent of our development agreements are to provide assurances to the Town and the developers. Both share responsibilities for the development of the property. This process encourages the developer to make major investment commitments based on comprehensive planning. Developers receive certain vested rights and greater certainty that their project(s) will be built with confidence, not burdened from changes in the Town's zoning ordinances over the course of development. The benefits received by the Town are assurances that adequate public facilities are in place for future development such as roads, infrastructure, and dedicated public open space. The Town also obtain rights to impose certain conditions, terms, preservation provisions, restrictions or requirements necessary for public health, safety or welfare in return for that given certainty to the developer. Development agreements are negotiated, then approved through the public hearing process, and adopted by an ordinance passed by Town Council. The Planning Commission makes a recommen- dation to Town Council who ultimately decides on the execution of a development agreement with a property owner. Community Development Process The primary entities that have and continue to influence develop- ment of the island are the Town (TOKI), Kiawah Partners (KP), Kiawah Island Golf Resort (KIGR), the Kiawah Architectural Review Board (ARB), and the Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA). Outlined on page 4 are the key players and their roles and responsibilities. Continued on pg. 4 Jack Kotz