2019 OS Newsletter OS Newsletter - Page 9

2019 OS HONORS JENNA WEBERMAN LILAH KALFUS “Through reviewing literature on the subject of energy maintenance, I found that energy management is multidimensional and can be impacted by several different variables. Proper energy management affects individuals in all aspects of life. Through understanding how to utilize energy- promoting habits and practices, one can work to thrive in daily life.” “When we care and take the time to seek out socially responsible businesses to incorporate into our everyday lives, we live better, more meaningful lives, knowing our money goes towards investing in companies that treat their workers, communities, and the environment well. And in doing so, we will be the leaders in the movement of using business as a force for good.” VIVIAN HU “My research aimed to expand the current conversation on burgeoning CEO compensation. With the new median employee compensation made available by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act of 2010, it has become evident that the wage gap in the United States is heavily tilted towards executive suite compensation.” NADIA FINKEL “Through my honors thesis, I have not only gained a high-level of understanding of University responses to sexual misconduct and a more nuanced view of campus climate, but I have evolved into an informed student, a relentless advocate and, above all, a survivor.” 9