2019 OS Newsletter OS Newsletter - Page 17

WE ARE AWARD WINNERS Andy and Ellyn Lansing LEADER-SCHOLAR AWARD JESSICA ST. GEORGE was an active member of the OS community from the moment she entered the program. As early as her sophomore year, she began attending OS’s student advisory board meetings. She also participated in the OS student organization Organizational Diversity Initiative (ODI) activities. She served as one of this year’s peer mentors, advising prospective students who are considering applying to OS. Jessica’s leadership activities went beyond OS, from helping her fellow students as a Resident Assistant in UM’s North Campus Family Housing, to mentoring transfer students in the Office of New Student Programs. She was also a +Lab Lead Fellow in the Ross School’s Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship. As a Magnify student consultant through the Center, she analyzed how employees at a local nonprofit connected their work to the company’sx mission. Jessica’s academic record, her engagement in the program, in student life, and in her co- curricular activities made her a clear winner of the OS program’s most prestigious award. Suzanne M. Jones SPIRIT AWARD JENNA WEBERMAN showed her commitment to sharing all the wonderful things about the OS program in many ways! As part of the recruitment team, she visited first-year seminars, giving a brief description of the major and opening students’ eyes to the great opportunities for customizing the OS degree and having a whole network of alumni who are eager to help our students understand how to utilize the skills they take away from the program. Jenna’s weekly posts as social media coordinator helped boost publicity of our important events, but more importantly, highlighted the richness of the OS community. Jenna posted words of encouragement as students headed into exams, cheered on our honors students presenting at our honors symposium and led one of our student organizations, Women in Leadership. It is quite fitting that Jenna chose to focus her own honors thesis on “The Relationship Between Physical and Non-Physical Variables and Overall Energy”, because energy is what she brought to every hour that she spent on the 8th floor of Weiser. Jordan Harris SOCIAL JUSTICE AWARD NADIA FINKEL’S pathway statement clearly demonstrated why so many of her peers nominated her for this award... “I want to optimize institutions so that they are as inclusive as possible. This includes an emphasis on minority groups, especially women. I am extremely passionate about making work and social spaces places that women can grow, thrive and feel safe.” Nadia chose courses in nonprofit management and prosocial leadership, and then decided to top off her degree with an honors thesis examining the “Legal Underpinnings and Implications of Sexual Assault on College Campuses.” She did not rest with simply doing the research, however. She created an infographic that familiarizes students with the resources available on campus in the event of a sexual assault. Her findings were published in The Michigan Daily. Nadia plans on pursuing a career in women’s law where she hopes to reform laws and systems that restrict rather than promote the livelihood of women. 17