2019 OS Newsletter OS Newsletter - Page 14

OS is grateful to the Malkin Family Foundation for the funding that is helping our students experience what a day in the life of a thriving OS alum is like! MALKIN SHADOWING WE ARE NEAR + FAR ROXANNE BLANCHETTE Shadowed ANNA MALONEY (2015) Marketing Director, Wisr CLEVELAND, OH “This experience allowed me to learn more about the higher education industry while also seeing the day to day culture of a startup.” NA’KIA CHANNEY Shadowed HUONG NGYUYEN (2017) Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft SEATTLE, WA “With my new awareness of marketing‘s link to inclusive organizations, I am excited to learn more about an additional outlet for my passions.” SANDRA CHARIPPER Shadowed BRITTANI KAGAN (2010) Head of Talent, Portal A LOS ANGELES, CA “This opportunity affirmed my interest in working within a startup and focusing on the management of human capital, all while showing me new and effective management strategies and exposing me to the entertainment industry in the process.” CHRISTIANA CROMER Shadowed GINA VALO (2005) Executive, Virtru WASHINGTON, DC “This experience impacted my job search in that I realized that I do want to work in a human-centric and customer-facing role within a technology company.” EMILY FURTADO Shadowed LAUREN MOLONEY-EGNATIOS (2007) Organizational Lead Specialist, International House BERKELEY, CA “This opportunity helped me to learn not to limit myself based on what the corporate world has to offer but rather let my interests and passions drive my career.” 14