2019 Jan/Feb 2019 E-magazine - Page 22

Best of Show Photo Contest - Award Winners! E ach year we are blown away with the array of photos that are entered in this prestigious contest. The subject matter is off the chart with cuteness, but this year especially the overall versatility of this small equine was flawlessly illustrated. Rest assured each of these photos will have their time in the spotlight, either in the Miniature Horse World, on Facebook or promoted on the AMHA website. Thanks to everyone who entered and keep taking those great photos! 1ST PLACE: Photographer Catherine Royle captured this moment in time of Lombards Canadian Maple Sugar with scampering youngster, Lombards Carbon Copy in the foreground. Both horses are owned by Pip & Gerry Breckon of BC, Canada. 2ND PLACE: Denmark photographer, Jytte Rasmussen caught WF Velvets Little White Dove indulging in a sand roll on a sunny afternoon. Jytte Rasmussen owns this spunky daughter of the famous sire, Little Kings Black Velvet.