2019 Jan/Feb 2019 E-magazine - Page 21

BONUS SHOW RING TIP When you are exhibiting a pattern at a show, consider each element of your course. If your horse hesitates and begins to fight you, after 3 tries, excuse yourself from the obstacle. Once your horse has refused an obstacle, you are likely not going to place well, so proceed with the pattern after a few seconds versus being excused by the Ring Steward. This is going to increase your chances of placing if you keep mental control of your horse versus fighting with them needlessly in the show ring. Keep obstacles diverse at home by approaching them at different angles. This gives you the increased opportunity to find a reactionary point in your horse and work through it properly. BIO Lana Grieve is a multiple World Champion and clinician. She owns and operates Star Point Horsemanship. 2018 World Champion & Reserve World Champion in Open Halter Obstacle For additional training information, visit Star Point Horsemanship on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and www.starpointhorsemanship.com.