2019 House Programs Rite of Spring | Page 3

About Rite of Spring The notion of pagan ritual sacrifice as set out in Stravinsky’s musical narrative is reimagined through Asian spiritual philosophies, symbols and aesthetics. Yang Liping’s choreographic narrative paints a world where Yin and Yang principles of male-female, animal-human and nature-spirit dynamically interact to create a sense that life and death are cyclical. Life is not temporary but has a transient sense of permanence. This radical retelling of The Rite of Spring has the female sacrificial protagonist volunteering her body for sacrifice as her earthbound duty to her community, but with the knowledge her spirit will return purified of the cruelties and unpredictable nature of humankind. A co-production with Sadler’s Wells London, China Shanghai International Arts, Festival, Edinburgh International Festival, DYRS Group, Brisbane Festival, Stanford Live, Beijing Poly Theatre, Management Co. Ltd and Forever Solo Arts.