2019 House Programs Rite of Spring | Page 19

Yue Yue Yue Yue is a native of Jining, Shandong province. She graduated from the dance academy of the Yunnan Arts College and in 2007 participated in the Weihai Wei Cup Dance Competition (Shandong), winning Second Prize for her solo dance. In 2012 she participated in Yang Liping’s international dance season performance and in 2014 participated in the Tenth Youth Actors Competition of Yunnan province and won the first prize for solo dance. In 2016 she participated in Products and Lines, and in 2017 took part in rehearsals for the dance drama Tea Horse Road and Washing the Boundary and performed in Shui Shui Legend. Zhang Chunyu Zhang Chunyu is a native of Yunnan province and is of Yi nationality. She graduated from the Yunnan Nationalities University, majoring in dance performance. She performed in Yang Lipings’s Winter Peacock and the tour of Under Siege. She also participated in the tour of Liping’s first multimedia stage drama, Pingtan Image. Shui Yue (Han Xiao) Shui Yue is native of Dali, and is of Yunnan Bai nationality. She joined the Peacock Contemporary Dance Company after graduating from the Beijing Dance Academy.