2019 House Programs Rite of Spring | Page 16

Yimeng Li Yimeng Li graduated in modern dance choreography at the Beijing Dance Academy and was a resident dancer of the Beijing Modern Dance Company, performing in 12 Zodiac, Twenty-four solar terms, twelve sounds between flowers, October Spring Festival, Three Rains and Wishes, The First Light, Home Book, Lost Paradise and the large-scale dance drama Ming’antu. She was the only Asian dancer in the Broadway show Extreme Shock. Her awards include the Gold Award at the Sixth Tao Li Cup Dance Competition, the Silver Award at the Fourth CCTV TV Dance Competition and the inaugural International Ballet and Choreography Competition Top 12. Lu Chengliang Lu Chengliang graduated in modern dance from the Beijing Dance Academy in 2011. Her awards include the Ninth Tao Li Cup Dance Competition, the Classical Dance Junior Group A B-level Women’s First Prize and the Seventh Seoul International Dance Competition, in which she won the Gold Medal in the Modern Dance Junior Group. In 2015 she participated in the Beijing Dance Academy’s public exchange programme to study at Paces University (New York). In 2017 she was the rehearsal director and stage supervisor with Huayi Yi Dance Theatre and One Minute. Gloria Ng Gloria Ng was born in Hong Kong and has danced from the age of 10. She attended the Guangdong Dance School and completed six years of professional Chinese dance training before attending the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, where she participated in numerous performances, won several scholarships and graduated as the only first-class honorary student in the school. From 2017 she continued her studies at the London School of Contemporary Dance, where she graduated with a Masters in Performing Arts. She has always aimed to combine elements of Chinese dance with Western art.