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Artistic Credits Yang Liping Director & Choreographer Yang Liping was born in Dali in Yunnan province, South West China, and is of Bai ethnicity. She loved dance from her early childhood but never trained formally. She began her dancing career in 1971, as a member of the Xishuangbanna Prefecture Song and Dance Troup, and has been a household name in China since 1986, when she gained nationwide fame for her original dance piece Spirit of the Peacock. Her most notable subsequent works include Moonlight, Two Trees and Love of the Peacock. She is the director, choreographer and lead dancer of Dynamic Yunnan, Tibetan Mystery, Echoes of Shangri-La, The Peacock and Winter Peacock, and the director of the dance theatre work Under Siege (2017 Melbourne International Arts Festival). She also wrote, directed and performed in the film Sunbird, which won the Grand Jury’s award at the Montreal International Film Festival. Her numerous awards include the Gold Award at the Dance Classics of the 20th Century (China), the highest honour at the Osaka International Exchange Centre and five China Lotus Awards in 2004, including those for Best Female Lead and Best Choreography. She is Vice Chairman of the China Dancers Association. Tim Yip Visual Director Tim Yip is an art and costume director who also works in visual and contemporary art. His distinctive style, ‘New Orientalism’, blends the avant garde and the traditional and has become an internationally recognized visual language. He won an Academy Award for Best Art Direction and a BAFTA for Best Costume Design for his work on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000). He has worked as set designer, costume designer or both with many renowned choreographers, directors and companies, including Robert Wilson, Franco Dragone, Akram Khan, Zhang Yimou, Stan Lai, Yang Liping, English National Ballet, San Francisco Opera, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Contemporary Legend Theatre, Han Tang Yue Fu, Swarovski Troupe and U Theatre. His works have been staged in China, Austria, France, the USA, the UK, Spain, Japan and Israel. He Xuntian Composer He Xuntian is a distinguished composer and professor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In 1981 he established the Three Periods Theory and the Theory of Musical Dimensions. In 1982 he developed the Renyilv Duyingfa Method of Musical Composition, one of the first compositional methods of the People’s Republic. His albums Sister Drum and Voices from the Sky were released in more than 80 countries, selling several million copies. In 1996 he established a new method of musical composition, and the following year he put forward the Theory of Interspace. In 2003 he composed Images in Sound, which he calls ‘mankind’s gift of primordial music to all species of the natural world’. In 2008 he produced Ehe Chant, which includes Freudian pre-consciousness as a composition technique. He has received 15 international composition awards, including the Outstanding Musical Achievement award of the 1989–90 International New Music Composer Competition (USA), as well as 13 national composition prizes and several international and national honorary awards. His works have been premiered and performed globally by many leading orchestras and ensembles, including the BBC Symphony Orchestra.