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THE LIES WE KEEP is the story of love, loss and redemption after a pivotal tragedy in American history. A ghost from a grieving widow’s past sets in motion a series of events that will forever change the lives of those she loves. “Caron Kamps Widden has written a stunning masterpiece that examines the lies we tell ourselves, encapsulated in the story of a man and a forgotten past. A solid, descriptive piece of work that will leave readers pondering their own past as this novel is stunningly good. It will leave you wanting more.” ~Jonas Saul, author of the bestselling Sarah Roberts Series RESTORATION How does a family return to normal when devastated by the loss of a loved one? What John learns as he restores their old house is life-changing for them all. “Caron Kamps Widden’s novel is a vivid portrait of a family struggling to survive after a tragedy. Beautifully written, it is threaded with emotional truth as the main characters restore an old home and rebuild their lives.” ~Lisbeth Thom, author of Row Away From The Rocks Thought-provoking page-turners by Caron Kamps Widden Available now on .com O ver the e dge Jane Tesh When Mel Worthington went over the edge into Fairyland, he discovered his mother was the revered Diamond Queen, giving him a rightful claim to the throne. However, his elven bodyguard, Riley Evensong, disputes his claim. Riley is suspicious of the human who’s been invited over to investigate a social media fad called Flitter that has enchanted the young fae. Can she and Mel work together before Flitter takes over everything? Janice Cantore FBI asks Police Chief Tess O’Rourke to shelter a witness in a high-profile human trafficking case. Reluctant to put the townspeople of Rogue’s Hollow at risk, especially after a devastating fire but agrees after seeing Pastor Oliver Macpherson’s genuine conviction to rescue those in need, a trait in him she’s coming to love more each day. When crews of workmen from out of town come in to assist with the fire cleanup and she worries that one of these strangers might shine a light on things best kept hidden her fledgling faith is tested. Neither she nor Oliver knows that Rogue’s Hollow is already home to a suspect from a twenty-five-year-old murder case . . . and someone is taking cold aim at those Tess is sworn to protect. https://www.janetesh.com/ https://www.janicecantore.com/