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COLLECTION AUTHORS https://www.mosaiccollectionbooks.com/ Needville Madeline Sharples Papa’s Shoes is a work of fiction about immigration with a feminist and historical bent. The Papa character is determined to take his family out of their Polish shtetl to better opportunities in America. Along the way three of his four sons die, his wife defies his aspirations, and his daughter, Ava, conceived as a replacement child, is born. Ava grows up to be smart, beautiful, and very independent. http://madelinesharples.com/ Sara M. Robinson … Robinson’s small coal-mining community is a hard, dark world, and the people of this world are memorialized in their struggles, as beautiful and rugged as the mountains around them. Both the townsfolk and the Appalachian Mountains “give birth, but it is rough, not pretty — furious, helpless & everlasting.” With these poems Robinson asks to not look away from the high price extracted with each load of coal, to see that “Truth is a river that coils around trees & stumps/clear as coal is black.” — RITA SIMS QUILLEN, author of Wayland and The Mad Farmer’s Wife https://saramrobinson.com/