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Set in the exotic and dangerous world of Sultan Moulay in the early 1700’s, woven in intrigue, three English women have been kidnapped and sent to his harem. Bound to Morocco Abandoned and alone, Lady Shera must find a way back to England. She gets assistance from an unlikely source: the man who kidnapped her. When their partnership turns to love, the two must face constant danger to endure. But will they ever be free? Tied to Morocco Lady Catherine fell in love with Tazim in Morocco. But Tazim disappears and she believes him dead. Finding her way home, she discovers Tazim is not dead. But, believing Catherine betrayed him, Tazim has vowed to exact revenge. Freed from Morocco Lady Olivia needs help to escape. Tristan, the man she loves, disguises himself as an English ambassador in order to rescue her, but he is betrayed. Now, she must find a way to help him. https://www.lesliehachtel.com/