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inning Author Award W Judy DuCharme S teel B utterfly KARRON KENNEDY Steel Butterfly is a story of family, intimacy and secrets about two damaged, broken people who come together despite both having secrets that threaten to derail their love. It takes the reader on a heartfelt journey of passion, jealousy, tragedy and finally healing from the horrors of the past. https://www.karronkennedy.com/ http://judithducharme.com/ “This book finally exposes one of the least-known, untold travesties of the Civil Rights Era. So be prepared to be amazed, moved, and inspired by this most incredible chapter in the Civil Rights movement … finally told!” ISBN: 4020198308 The History Press/Arcadia Publishing The Parchman Ordeal chronicles the illegal incarceration of more than 150 young, peaceful freedom marchers in October 1965, who were taken to the Mississippi State Penitentiary in Parchman where they were abused, punished an humiliated for days. The agony remained locked inside them for a half-century, and is finally told. Available at: amazon.com or arcadiapublishing.com A gripping and inspirational film told through the testimonies of those who endured the Parchman Ordeal. Awarded “The Most Transformative Film” at the Crossroads Film Festival 2018. Available at: parchmanordeal.org Learn more: www.parchmanordeal.org or Facebook: The Parchman Ordeal Film and book include testimonies by the survivors.