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I AM Eternal Love Debra C. Thompson All My Children will delight the hearts and minds of young readers as they learn about Jesus Christ and why his love for them is eternal. Read sought after questions written by children who are curious to know more about Jesus. https://books2ponder.com/ What’s in Area 51? Is the government hiding aliens or maybe the set of the Apollo moon landing? Do you know? We do. Join these authors as they explore the hidden recesses of Area 51, which up until now whispered of secret conspiracies. Don’t bother with any raid. Stay home, read these compelling stories crossing multi-genres, and discover what you need to know. Humor, suspense, even romance awaits. The truth is just a page-flip away. * All proceeds go directly to US veterans.* CM Peters C.L. Williams Authur Doweyko Jennie L. Morris Annie Walls Katey Tattrie Chrys Fey Lori Joseph Renee Hewett Carrie Humphrey Harley Easton Gracen Miller C.L. Roman Beverly Ovalle Valerie Puri Terri A. Wilson Cherron Riser Katherine LE White Jennifer Wedmore J.C. Layne Sherry Rentschler L.E. Perez Debra Parmley Tich Brewster Cass Alex