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The beautiful and valiant Duchess Polyxena faces her greatest challenge as she attempts to save her beloved Nemours from a grave danger. Unexpected complications arise as the enigmatic, sexy Lord Zanar suddenly reappears. He will cast a shadow of doubt on the idyllic marriage of Polyxena and Arsenio. The Duchess wonders why the unpredictable rogue is back despite a death sentence looming on his head... Is he a friend now, or an evil foe? The Count of Rozenberk tells the Duchess many facts about her Mysterious and noble ancestor, Wilfred the Valiant, Third Duke of Nemours. He reveals to the young woman, the shocking and unexpected genesis of the Templar’s Treasure. Will the family curse that for centuries placed a grave peril to the house of Nemours be dispelled due to the heroic efforts of Polyxena’s father. But will he survive? Will Lord Zanar’s unsettling presence cast a permanent shadow between Polyxena and Arsenio? Find the answers in The TEMPLAR TRILOGY Mysterious Templar The Crimson Amulet Templar’s Redemption www.adrianagirolami.com