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31.1 DONNERSTAG THURSDAY 18H SHORTS PROGRAM 1: Tainted Love Love can put a spring in your step one moment and turn sour the next. When tender feelings go away and the heart hardens, it‘s impossible to leave unscathed. The individuals in these films experience the sinister side of love and wind up either adrift, anguished, or annihilated. My Monster (7:10) Written and directed by Izzy Lee, US, 2018, German Premiere Christmas is coming. If that's not stressful enough, Lily (Brea Grant) has to contend with a clueless partner (Adam Egypt Mortimer) and an unexpected, inter-dimensional holiday guest. INSTINCT (18:20) Directed by Maria Alice Arida, US, 2017, German Premiere A psychosexual thriller about Isabelle, a lonely gallery owner who meets a dangerously seductive performance artist and discovers they have more in common than expected. Will Isabelle allow herself to let Camila in without giving in to her true nature? SELL YOUR BODY (11:09) Written and directed by Jaannelle Yee, US, 2017 A med school dropout in crippling student debt swipes a wild couple on a dating app to make some fast cash. PAGES (7:41) Directed by Shaan Couture, France/US, 2018 An engaged couple trying to write their vows is unwillingly forced to face their darkest fears and fantasies from a storied past. SUPINE (25:20) Written and directed by Nicole Goode, Czech Republic/Canada, 2018, German Premiere Sylvie is a taxidermist who lives in isolation in the mountains of France. Her only company is her work, until Oz, an American hitchhiker, stumbles across her path. The two become close and Sylvie begins to question what it means to live.