2019 Final Girls Berlin Film Festival Program 2019 Final Girls Berlin Film Festival Program - Page 3

WELCOME TO THE FOURTH EDITION OF FINAL GIRLS BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL! We’re excited to have extended our festival to four days and we’re stoked to be back at b- ware Ladenkino. We’ve got a jam-packed and highly international program which expands and challenges definitions of the horror genre. All of the films you’ll see here are directed, written, and/or produced by women and non-binary filmmakers. If you’re looking for films that take you out of your comfort zone, you’ve come to the right place! This year, we have short film blocks exploring the following: portrayals of elderly women in horror (Long in the Tooth), disturbing family dynamics (Flesh and Blood), twisted romances (Tainted Love), a campy and bizarre Midnight Movies program, a journey through various Obsessions, a foray into the very real Social Horrors that pervade our world, coming-of-age tribulations (Growing Pains), and even a comedy horror program (A Real Scream). If you’re reading this and wondering whether you like horror enough to attend these screenings, we encourage you to second-guess your reservations and take a stab at it! Remember, most of the horror films you’ve seen throughout your life were made by white cis-men, and Final Girls is bringing you a whole different spin on the genre-- exploring different fears and fantasies, with more diversity behind and in front of the camera, and a critical gaze on the structures and systems plaguing society. This year FGB is presenting seven stunning, shocking, and sinister features, including several German premieres. We’re starting you off with an unsettling identity crisis thriller, Christina Choe’s NANCY, featuring Andrea Riseborough and Steve Buscemi. After that, stick around for Juliana Rojas’ GOOD MANNERS, a queer love story turned werewolf coming-of-age tale amidst the socio-economic tensions of a modern-day Sao Paolo. On Friday, We’re excited to bring you the German premiere of the much-discussed and acclaimed cyber-psycho-thriller CAM, written by former cam girl Isa Mazzei. For those of you looking to delve into the rich underbelly of horror’s hidden her*story, we’ve got MESSIAH OF EVIL (1973) as our retrospective feature, in honor of the recently deceased Gloria Katz (1942-2018), who was credited as producer and writer, and uncredited as co- director. On Saturday, we’re screening FELT, co-written by and starring Amy Everson, about woman battling her traumas by crafting an alter-ego. Next up is the award-winning Mexican dark fairy tale, TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, directed by Issa Lopez. Our closing feature on Sunday night is the brutal Australian abduction nightmare, HOUNDS OF LOVE, produced by Melissa Kelly and featuring depictions of evil that you won’t soon forget. This year, we also have more international horror experts joining us than ever before, so don’t miss out on their talks and workshops! As always, we’ve got shirts and tote bags featuring horror comics by Caity McCarthy-- this time revealing the origin story of our beloved mascot, Ghoulia. So please, dig yourselves out of your coffins and crypts, and come sit in the dark with us! - Sara Neidorf & Eli Lewy, festival directors