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17:30H FILMMAKER PANEL We invite our visiting filmmakers to a discussion of their experiences in the horror film industry and their thoughts on the present and future state of the genre. Audience questions and contributions are very welcome. 18:30h SHORTS PROGRAM 7: Growing pains Coming of age is never an easy or clean process. Our young protagonists, whether human or supernatural, must go through an array of treacherous and trying ordeals in these tales. CAROLINE (11:54) Directed by Celine Held & Logan George, US, 2018 When a frazzled mother must leave her three small kids waiting in the car, a six-year-old girl is faced with a big responsibility on a hot Texas day. little (12:00) Directed by Brittany Brock, US, 2018, German Premiere An unexpected meeting turns dangerous as two children navigate the desolate, wooded terrain of their developing town. tick (12:41) Directed by Ashlea Wessel, Canada, 2018, German Premiere In a post-pandemic society, a vampire in hiding is forced to make a stand when confronted with the oppressive regime who kidnapped and enslaved her family. quieres que hoy de bese (do you want me to kiss you this time?) (24:56) CW sexual abuse e Directed by Miriam Ortega Domínguez, Spain, 2018, German Premiere Nerea is a 12 year old girl who has just had her first kiss. However her burgeoning taste for blood complicates her young love and sends two families into a tailspin. a death story called girl (12:40) Directed by Nathalia Beahand, US, 2018 A nihilistic girl enjoys the wealth of suburbia.