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3.2 sonntag SUNDAY the old woman who hid her fear under the stairs (15:49) Produced and directed by Faye Jackson, UK, 2017, German Premiere An old woman finds a way to remove her fear and she stashes it in a tin under the stairs. She enjoys her new found freedom from anxiety until she notices a stranger watching her house and the fear under the stairs becomes harder and harder to ignore. shell phone (9:42) Written and directed by Miren Mujika, Spain, 2018, German Premiere Merche’s only son has installed some smart home technology in her apartment, but it proves to be far trickier than she imagines. Grammy (1:35) Directed by Jill Gevargizian, US, 2015, German Premiere When a little girl wakes up from an overnight stay at her grandma's house, she discovers there may be more to Grammy than meets the eye. centrifugado (10:49) Written and directed by Mireia Noguera, Spain, 2017, German Premiere A young man helps an old lady to carry the laundry to her house. Once inside, the woman isn’t willing to let him go. la proeza (14:36) CW ABORTION Directed by Isaac Berrocal, Produced by Isabel Medarde, Spain, 2018, German Premiere In the early 70s in Spain, Leiza goes to a remote village looking for an old woman called Riina, who is meant to help her with an illegal matter. But once under Riina’s care, she finds more than she bargained for. TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES: SECOND SKIN (15:14) Directed by Ryan Spindell, written by Vera Miao, US, 2017, European Premiere When a street-smart young woman accepts an invitation to a luxurious spa, she discovers just how far the powerful patrons will go to stay on the cutting edge of beauty.