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talk: “It came from within!” feminist takes on 14:30h technology and reproductive horror - Alanna than, mcGill university Today's world is a real life reproductive nightmare for women everywhere! As feminists push back against new attempts to control women through controlling their reproductive freedom, horror film holds up the speculum to the dangers, pleasures and potentials of new reproductive technologies. This talk will be a graphically illustrated tour through the mutant offspring, weaponized tools and evolutionary agendas of feminist reproductive horror films that explore brave new worlds of reproductive technologies. From the Alien series through Evolution and beyond, we'll look at the badass, broody bitches from post-pill cinema through today. Alanna Thain is Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and World Cinemas at McGill University in Montreal. She directs the Institute of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies and the Moving Image Research Laboratory (MIRL), devoted to the studies of bodies in motion across forms of media. She is the author of Bodies in Time: Suspense, Affect, Cinema (U. of Minnesota Press 2017). She is also a member of the Montreal Monstrum Society. 16h SHORTS PROGRAM 6: long in the tooth We at Final Girls believe that older women deserve to be depicted in more diverse ways-- not just as kindly, gentle grandmother figures, but also as murderers, perverts, warriors, and unexpected sources of horror. In each of these shorts, older women stand at the center, fighting battles and raising hell. i am albert (2:28) Directed by Aurélia Raoull, France, 2018 A brother and sister give their grandmother a new dog for Christmas to ease the passing of her last pup, but they don’t realize that granny isn’t as sweet as she seems... entropia (14:54) Directed by Marinah Janello, US, 2018, German Premiere Loneliness and an obsession with vanity have pushed one woman to take unconventional measures to find happiness. Symbols of birth, death and rebirth grace the film and asks the audience to ponder the question: How far would you go to turn back time?