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3.2 sonntag SUNDAY feast (7:30) Directed by Melissa Kunnap, US, 2018, European Premiere Pilar and Forest host an annual dinner party and have invited a new guest, their eager IT intern Will, who thinks he's climbing the social ladder. What was supposed to be a fun evening of champagne and networking turns into a sinister exploration of consumerism and what it truly means to be at the top of the food chain... the stare (8:27) Directed by Louisa Weichmann, Australia, 2018 A young woman catches the last train home only to find herself in the company of mysterious and otherworldly passengers on an emptying train. Forced to confront her silent tormentor she embarks on a surreal discovery of her inner psyche and sanity in order to overcome her darkest fear. the body corporate (7:19) Directed by Stepanka Cervinkova, Australia, 2018, International Premiere During a mediation meeting at their corporate office, two women realize the only solution to their boss’s sexual harassment is complete carnage. 13h talk: Gender and body horror: a new paradigm of terror -alison lang Lang will look at the way women and trans bodies have been used in horror films as sites of terror and metaphors for the monstrosities of psychological/sexual trauma in films like Teeth, Rabid, In My Skin, Raw, Thanatomorphose, Contracted and others. Lang will also examine and discuss how horror films deal with gender dysphoria and trans characters in films like Psycho and Silence of the Lambs, as well as Cherry Falls, Sleepaway Camp, Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde and the early films of David Cronenberg. Lang will draw upon the work of horror and gender critics Barbara Creed, Willow Maclay and Sasha Geffen to help critique and understand these films and what they're trying to say. Alison Lang is a writer and editor based in Toronto, Ontario. She writes about music, horror movies, DIY culture and other weird things. For four years she was the editor of Broken Pencil Magazine, the world's only magazine about zine culture and the independent arts. Her first book Women With Guts came out as part of the Rue Morgue Library in 2017. These days she is particularly interested in writing about, moderating and participating in conversations exploring the intersections of horror, race, gender and culture.