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2.2 SAMSTAG SATURDAY baptism (21:39) Written and directed by Mackenzie Bartlett, US, 2017 When fall’s harvest bears bitter fruit, the Elder Council believes they only have one woman to blame. Rooted in ritual, the council declares the need for a “Baptism”, an old ceremony thought to soften the sinner and turn the town back onto the path of righteousness. BURN It TO THE GrOUND: LOOKING BACK AT THE talk: PROBLEM OF intersectionality in 80s slasher 15:30h films and the way forward -alison lang Coined by scholar Kimberle Crenshaw, the term "intersectionality" was used to illuminate critiques of feminist discourse and its limitations when it comes to race, class and sexual identity. This presentation will begin with an intersectional analysis of three slasher films from the 80s - an era of horror frequently critiqued for its marked lack of nuanced characters and, more pertinently, presenting a cookie-cutter version of American society that is markedly lacking in diversity. What are slasher filmmakers from this period trying to tell audiences with their vision of the world, and what happens when films seek to break from this mold, whether overtly or through more subversive methods? Lang will briefly look at three slasher movies from this era - Nightmare on Elm St 2, Slumber Party Massacre and Sleepaway Camp 3 - and discuss how they work - or more often, don't work - in an intersectional framework. Land will then take look at modern horror films that seek to create a more fulsome depiction of intersectional characters: Tragedy Girls, Boo!, May, People Under the Stairs and others. Alison Lang is a writer and editor based in Toronto, Ontario. She writes about music, horror movies, DIY culture and other weird things. For four years she was the editor of Broken Pencil Magazine, the world's only magazine about zine culture and the independent arts. Her first book Women With Guts came out as part of the Rue Morgue Library in 2017. These days she is particularly interested in writing about, moderating and participating in conversations exploring the intersections of horror, race, gender and culture.