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DULCE HOGAR (9:40) Directed by Giovana Olmos, Mexico/Canada, 2018 In a rundown building, Susana, the doorkeeper, sets out to collect the monthly rent. From the first floor to the highest balcony, the excruciating nature of the transaction jeopardizes the safety of the lodgers. THEY WILL KNOW YOU BY YOUR FRUIT (2:42) Written, produced, and directed by Monika Estrella Negra, Canada, 2017 Part of Monika Estrella Negra's 'Vengeance Anthology', this short looks into the transgenerational horrors of infertility/fertitlity, anti-blackness, and sacrifice. MY FINAL GIRL: BLACK WOMEN IN AMERICAN HORROR (11:48) Directed by Kristina Leith-Malin, US, 2018 This documentary short unearths the hidden truth about Black Women in American Horror films. Building on the 'Final Girl' theory by Carol Clover, we look at the black heroines of this genre. 11 minutes (17:23) Directed by Hilda Lopes Pontes, Brazil, 2018, German Premiere It's night, and a woman needs to get to the airport, but there are many obstacles on her path. A seemingly harmless taxi ride gets darker and darker, and our protagonist must fight for her safety. catcalls (8:39) CW sexual harassment Written and directed by Kate Dolan, Ireland, 2017 “Catcalls" explores the themes of street harassment and the idea of women being made victims in safe spaces like their own communities. In this fictional horror, the power is shifted and the predator becomes the prey.