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2.2 SAMSTAG SATURDAY 13H workshop: “what if she fought back?” pretty deadly self defense workshop We all know the trope: The Pretty Girl goes up the stairs when she shouldn't... answers the door when no one is expected... sinks into a hot bath when the water's not safe... and then gets killed. But what if she didn't? What if, instead of cowering from an axe-wielding, razor- clawed, hockey-masked psycho... she fights back? What if she knew how? Pretty Deadly Self Defense takes scenes from six of our favorite classic horror films and turns them around on the bad guy. Here's your chance to learn some self defense techniques to fight back against Jack, Jason, Freddy, The Candyman and more… 14H shorts program 3: social horror The films in this program probe today‘s social ills and use horror to highlight how monstrous and insidious these injustices are. Environmental destruction, poverty, sexual assault, and racism are all put under the microscope in this confrontational and thought-provoking block. DEVIL WOMAN (11:55) Directed by Heidi Douglas, Australia, 2018, German Premiere An ambitious science student searching for an endangered animal gets bitten, and when loggers attack the camp changes overtaking her body become a threat to all sides. KNOCK KNOCK (13:55) Directed by Kennekki Jones-Jones, US, 2018, European Premiere Sinia wants desperately to help her neighbor Grace, a struggling single mother with four kids. Although Sinia is sympathetic to Grace's struggle, she is concerned about the way Grace mistreats her kids. One night, things take a chilling turn of events when Grace viciously punishes the kids and Sinia does nothing to protect them. Stricken by guilt, Sinia eventually goes next door, but what she discovers is a chilling reality that pushes her over the edge.