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>> ARLINGTON, VA - GETTYSBURG, PA VALLEY FORGE, PA - GETTYSBURG, PA APRIL 27-29, 2018 WORLD T.E.A.M. PROFILE SPOTLIGHT 2007-18 >> FACE OF AMERICA GETTYSBURG Team Strength & Honor is annually a Face of America Gettysburg leader. Captained since 2007 by Virginia’s Charles Gray, the team is enthusiastic and committed. MILITARY INITIATIVE A Navy and Marine Corps veteran, Gray recruits a diverse group of athletes to ride with Strength & Honor annually. Athletes have included adaptive military veterans, clients, active duty military, high school JROTC students, and friends from varied backgrounds. Working for Booz Allen Hamilton the past 13 years, Gray was recognized by the global business, government, and military consultant as their JCC Inspiring Employee of the Month for December 2017. Gray is an accomplished and devoted cyclist. He increased from 2,000 miles of cycling in 2016, to 5,600 miles in 2017, and over 6,000 miles in 2018. Since 2005, he has logged more than 40,000 miles. Married to his high school sweetheart for more than 26 years, Gray has two college-age children. Active at his church, his strong faith encourages him to actively spread the Gospel. "I have always enjoyed physical fitness and excelled in challenging personal development programs,” said Gray. “My career in the military was a real blessing so I consider it an honor and a privilege to support athletes with disabilities from illness, injury, or combat wounds in their pursuits of rehabilitation.” 4 WORLD T . E . A . M . ANNUAL RE VIEW 2018