2018 World T.E.A.M. Annual Review 2018 World T.E.A.M. Annual Review | Page 4

>> MISSION STATEMENT WE BELIEVE THAT 256 Marginal St., Ste. 16C Boston, MA 02128-2871 855.987.8326 World T.E.A.M. brings adaptive and able- bodied athletes together by empowering, enabling, and engaging individuals through inclusive athletic programs. At Face of America Gettysburg and Face of America Liberty, adaptive military veterans pedal bicycles and hand cycles alongside the able-bodied. Founders James Benson and Stephen Whisnant recognized the exceptional power of outdoor sports. In 1987, the Ride Across America successfully brought together adaptive and able- bodied athletes for a cross-country cycling challenge. At Adventure Team Challenges in Colorado and New York, teams of adaptive and able-bodied athletes work together to overcome physical, emotional, and technical challenges on land and on water. Three years later, an inclusive ascent of Africa’s 19,341-foot Kilimanjaro inspired each participant, and a national television audience, leading to the chartering of the non-profit in June, 1993. Visit us online at: http://www.worldteamsports.org Or find us on social media: 2 Inclusive outdoor sporting programs that challenge and empower athletes continue to direct World T.E.A.M. a quarter century after chartering. Teams of adaptive and able- bodied athletes paddle sea kayaks cooperatively along Long Island’s southern coast at the Coastal Team Challenge. And World T.E.A.M.’s EverWalk Initiative encourages everyone to rediscover walking for personal fitness and mental well-being. WORLD T . E . A . M . ANNUAL RE VIEW 2018