2018 World T.E.A.M. Annual Review 2018 World T.E.A.M. Annual Review | Page 18

BELOW TOP >> Team members assist their hand cyclist up a steep hill in the first stage of the Challenge. BELOW BOTTOM >> An athlete is carried on a stretch too rough for a hand cycle. RIGHT >> Paddling on the Colorado River with a hand cycle strapped in the middle. Isolated from today’s modern distractions of the Internet, social media, and the outside world, life at Rancho on the Colorado River returns to a simpler time when conversation, interaction with colleagues, and nature itself is important and meaningful. At World T.E.A.M.’s Adventure Team Challenge Colorado, athletes experience the wilderness in its purest form. During the weekend, athletes pedal mountain bikes along single and double-track trails, raft through rapids on the Colorado River, hike unmarked trails with only a map and compass to determine their route, and climb and descend jagged granite outcroppings on slender nylon ropes. As a team challenge, athletes are not on their own during this wilderness adventure. They join in teams of five athletes, two being adaptive. Each team includes a wheelchair user. Through close collaboration, understanding, and trust, athletes work together to solve technical and terrain challenges. Each team member has unique skills and abilities that can help the team succeed where a single athlete might fail. Experienced adventure sports participants and organizers annually create a unique experience for athletes. There is an element of adventure and danger in each Challenge, and athletes must take special care in this high mountain terrain. Manned and unmanned checkpoints keep athletes on mostly the same route, and program officials monitor progression by radio and volunteer reports from the field. For most participants, simply finishing the course is an accomplishment. More experienced athletes help their colleagues to finish each segment in the shortest time. Overcoming technical questions and issues that arise on the 12 WORLD T . E . A . M . ANNUAL RE VIEW 2018