2018 NPW Outcomes Report NPW2018_OutcomesReport_Joomag - Page 7

For the 4 th annual Jump for Archie, Jump for Prevention Day, Saving Others for Archie (SOFA) and Oconomowoc City residents jumped into their community lake to remember victims of drug overdose. Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner participated and spoke at the event, along with county executives and other elected officials. The organization also challenged participants around the world to record and share themselves in the act of jumping for Archie. From Brazil to Colorado, jumpers sent in videos on social media to show their support for National Prevention Week. Lawrence School, Massachusetts Eighth graders at the Lawrence School in Falmouth, MA, used art to promote drug-free living. Using school hallways as their canvas, students continued a three-year project designing and painting wall murals that encourage substance use prevention and portray positive problem- solving skills for remaining drug-free. 2018 OUTCOMES REPORT 7