2018 NPW Outcomes Report NPW2018_OutcomesReport_Joomag - Page 15

Digital Mosaic SPOTLIGHT: USAGov Engagement This year, we established a digital mosaic to display a collection of all NPW social media posts that used the #DearFutureMe hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. As images were added to the mosaic, they filled in the 2018 NPW logo, representing the theme “Action Today. Healthier Tomorrow.” At Prevention Day in February, attendees were encouraged to draft and share a letter to th eir future self about the prevention actions they are taking today to create a healthier tomorrow. Attendees shared their letters on their social media channels, and their posts were provided in hard copy and displayed in the Prevention Action Center at Prevention Day, as well as added to the online digital mosaic. Did This Catch On? You Bet! 696 USERS 428 575 1,360 POSTS 789 575 8.3 MILLION POTENTIAL IMPRESSIONS 1.55 million 6.75 million 4.15 MILLION POTENTIAL REACH USAGov has partnered with SAMHSA for several years to promote NPW. This year, USAGov promoted the NPW Toolkit materials and the #DearFutureMe video challenge in English and Spanish through social media support on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; email marketing; and featured articles on USAGov and GobiernoUSA.gov home pages. As a result of their collaboration, more than 128,000 USAGov supporters were reached about NPW. Thousands of people nationwide had the opportunity to learn how to take action today to enjoy healthier and happier lives. 829,350 3.32 million SAMHSA and its federal partner USAGov, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), the U.S. Department of Education, and the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products were the top influencers for this activity. 2018 OUTCOMES REPORT 15