2018 NPW Outcomes Report NPW2018_OutcomesReport_Joomag - Page 12

This year, listserv membership increased by 38 percent from 2017, allowing this important and direct communications tool to reach more than 1,200 targeted and strategic prevention-focused individuals and organizations. Click-through rates are an important indicator for how engaged your audience is with your content. During 2018, SAMHSA achieved click-throughs of 33 percent—more than double the industry average—proving the value of this medium. While past rates also have been above average, NPW 2018 exceeded 2017’s rate of 25 percent, showing a steady increase in the years since this tool was established. During NPW, daily Prevention Works messages are sent with resources corresponding to that day’s theme. This year, click-through rates for the messages during NPW had an even higher average rate of 42 percent, a 68 percent increase over last year’s click-through rates. Prevention Works Listserv NPW’s Prevention Works email distribution list connects prevention organizations with the NPW website and other health resources through meaningful updates delivered right to people’s inboxes. It also spotlights NPW partners and features news from “on the ground” by showcasing actual NPW events taking place throughout year and across the country. 12 2018 OUTCOMES REPORT 2018 PREVENTION WORKS LISTSERV TOTALS 32 NUMBER OF MAILINGS 1,213 TOTAL SUBSCRIBERS 2,353 TOTAL UNIQUE CLICK-THROUGHS (ALL MAILINGS) 7,019 TOTAL UNIQUE OPENS (ALL MAILINGS) 33% AVERAGE CLICK-THROUGH RATE (ALL MAILINGS)