2018 NPW Outcomes Report NPW2018_OutcomesReport_Joomag - Page 10

Audiences engaged with the website in several ways: NPW Website The NPW website is the online hub for National Prevention Week, where resources, materials, and tools are available in English and Spanish to help organizations participate in NPW year- round. Highlights from this year’s web milestones follow. 10 2018 OUTCOMES REPORT 30,000 + MORE THAN 30,000 PEOPLE visited the NPW website over the course of the year, with more than a quarter of those visits concentrated in the month leading up to and during NPW 2018. 1,400 The NPW Toolkit page garnered the most traffic (1,400 VISITORS), confirming the need for customizable tools as community-based organizations plan their NPW activities and events. 616 The most downloaded resource from the NPW website was the Toolkit’s “Event Ideas Worksheet,” with 616 DOWNLOADS. 200 NEARLY 200 web content updates and enhancements were made, bringing relevant and engaging information to 2018 NPW participants and the prevention community. 100 The website helped the prevention community reinforce and spread the NPW brand, with almost 100 DOWNLOADS of the NPW logo taking place throughout the year. 60 In 2018, an event submission form was introduced on both the English and Spanish NPW website Community Events webpages, allowing communities to share their NPW activities with SAMHSA year-round. Approximately 60 COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS submitted their NPW event and activity details through the website form, and the Prevention Works listserv messages featured community events throughout 2018.